You want your children to become passionate about something that will lead them into building a rewarding future. 

There is nothing better than waking up in the morning, knowing that you have accomplished something good and beneficial for yourself, family and everything that surrounds you. At the end of the day, we are all together, practically sharing our lives with everything around us, and each and every day is a good day.

Horses, just like any other animal, teach the youth responsibility. It's a routine that requires them to visualize and experience the dedication and the effects of it. The results determine whether the young individual had graduated into maturity. Their demeanor will reflect the behavior, the health and the soundness of her horse.

Just as in life, we need to cultify, improve its results and continue despite difficulties we encounter on the way.

From a very young age, we crave to learn and know more. Remember the friendships we made as children ? Some lasted for many years, and others are still are a part of our lives today. In today's world, where electronics are beginning to fill most of our time, we want to promote the original methods of which friendships were made, years ago.

In dirt, in mud, and in the sandbox, on hikes, catching fish, weeding a garden. 

There was no category for "fun" fun was anything and everything, whatever joined our playmates together. It wasn't considered work back then, it composed fellowships, and taught us how to work together, and perhaps overcome social difficulties in the future.

If we as parents, can teach our children to understand the basics of insecurity, anxiety and stress causing factors, we could consider ourselves as parents of the decade. It is important for your child to navigate around such factors and manipulate them in such a way that would be beneficial to him or her. This process starts at home, and we continue this
philosophy at camp. 

With a common denominator such as a horse (or two) youth that is placed in a situation where everyone has a common goal but no one is familiar with each other, serves as a great canvas for expression. Here at horse camp, we start by identifying each individuals strengths and weaknesses, reasons for anxiety and stress factors.

Everyone has reasons to fear, certain fears can be reasoned with, others need more logistics.

​Nature of fear is the urge to run. Just as in most species, its brain shuts down most of its faculties, and the body is told to take off - It is the nature of the horse to run, and in teaching a horse to overcome its fear it helps us overcome ours.
Fear is not solely restrictive to high risk activities such as horseback riding, it is also relevant in daily, social interactions. 

Everyone is good at something, so let's put the ego to work. A reasonable dose of comfort, security will encourage the child to learn.

Everyone learns at their own pace, sure we would like our children to be Albert Einstein & Wilhelm Rontgen, but the reality is that everyone has something that will serve as an obstacle on the way. So let's conquer that obstacle together !

"Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs" Henry Ford

As tutors and educators, we want to teach through encouragement. Children need to be treated with respect and everything they say or feel has to be taken seriously.

"Children must be taught how to think, not what to think" Margaret Mead

Here at horse camp, we assign horses based on experience, athletics and age to ensure that the child is comfortable on horseback and successfully on her way to her goal. She may graduate if need be, to a more spirited mount once that goal has been reached. Life is a cycle of goals.

We enable your youth to tell us about their needs, potential goals, and we continue our work from there.
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ADK WildHorses' philosophies and experience began over 35 years ago on a small Adirondack family ranch here in Saranac Lake. Our expertise shows in everything we do. We were the first to develop motivational riding camp programs and to take safety to higher standards. In fact we know you are only as good as your fellow equines are.   As opposed to other stables, we don’t lease or sell  our horses (certain stables will lease their horses for the summer and then dispose of them at the auction house) and when they retire, they retire with us.; after all, we are their family.

What makes us different - Unlike our competitors, our management never changes and ideals never waiver. We may have a new name and new location, but over the years our message has remained true and we are the only Equestrian Stable in Northern NY to practice what we preach. Supporting ADK WildHorse Camp helps support our efforts to better the lives of horses in need.

Community - We have the horse knowledge and people experience to work with a wide variety of community groups and organizations. Our doors are always open for such programs as the Adirondack Residential Center where troubled youth are given a second chance at learning a better way of life. 

We enjoy taking extra time out of our day when groups like the Girl Scouts or Universities like Clarkson, arrive for informative horsemanship clinic sessions. Companies such as Pepsi, find that an afternoon of horseback riding is a fruitful course for employee bonding. Our years of experience teaching and training both horses and people allow us reach far beyond our competition. Our mission is to spread love and compassion for these wonderful animals and that begins right here at home in our community.

Our proficiency and ethical conduct record is impeccable. Before supporting any riding establishment, determine the horse condition, long term care arrangements, safety precautions, and experience of the staff.

Staff Selection & Screening
ADK WildHorse spends much of its off season in selecting the best staff available for the camp. We view our staff as both role models and representatives of the WildHorse community. All staff are an extension of our high standards and commitment to excellence. The many steps that staff applicants go through as part of our hiring process ensures that each fits well with our camp and that their work here will be beneficial for them, our campers, and the AD WildHorse organization.

  • ADK WildHorse  Staff Selection Process
  • Applicant submits resume
  • Applicant completes staff application
  • ADK WilkdHorse checks applicant's four references
  • Applicant interviews with personnel recruiter

  • Applicant has personal,vis-a-vis interview with the Camp Directors
  • ADK WildHorse  Staff Screening Process
  • Background investigation complete
  • Complete staff orientation prior to start of staff training
  • Complete all staff certifications prior to start of camp
  • Submit to random drug and alcohol testing